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While a lot of people use the Internet for shopping, probably many more are looking for help with products they already have. Traditionally, the outdoor power equipment industry has been slow to embrace new technology. Such major players as Honda and Echo were late getting onto the world wide web. Even today, most official material is focused on new equipment rather than providing service after the sale. Only a few dedicated industry professional have bothered providing any information other than what they thought might generate sales of new equipment, but a few manufacturers are starting to see the light. By providing reference material on parts, specifications, and maintenance for older equipment in a digital format, manufacturers can increase customer service and reduce consumer support costs.

On this page, we provide links to other sites, as well as other pages on this site that provide materials on safety, operation, maintenance, and parts for current and past models of equipment and engines we sell. Some of the information is available for free download, some must be purchased in hard copy format. All off-site links will open in a new browser window.

Finding Model & Serial Numbers

On this site, we have some information on finding model and/or serial numbers for Briggs & Stratton, Echo, and Honda power equipment.

Safety Information

Echo offers Material Safety Data Sheets and Safety Manuals online or you can contact them directly for information.

Stihl has Material Safety Data Sheets as well as training programs online.

Owner's Manuals

Briggs & Stratton has owner's manuals available online.

Kohler has owner's manuals for many engine models available for download in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.

Echo provides owner's manuals for online download.

Honda owner's manuals for many models.

Stihl has a library of owners manuals on their website.

Toro has a knowledgebase full of manuals and parts catalogs on their website.

For brands we do not carry, Yetmans has a list of manufacturers, some of whom have owner's manuals, service manuals, and/or parts catalogs available online or for download.

How to Guides

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